Recenzie / Review The Gravity of Us (Elements #4) by Brittainy C. Cherry

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Am citit aceasta carte dupa ce mi-a fost laudata in stanga si’n dreapta de toata lumea. Multe multe recenzii de 5 stele. Desi cartea face parte dintr-o serie, toata lumea mi-a sugerat sa incet cu ea “The Gravity of us”, lucru pe care l-am si facut aseara si n-am inchis un ochi pana cand n-am terminat-o. superba carte!!!

Am ramas cu inina stransa, si m-am decis sa incep cu primul volum ar seriei: “Aerul Pasiunii” (“The air between us”)

Pasiunea peste slow burn romance a inceput cu Mariana Zapata. Daca nu ati citit nimic de ea, va recommend cu caldura sa o faceti. Scrie exceptional, iar intr-o lume plina de carti cu actiune rapida, unde nu multi reusesti sa te faca sa indragesti personajele, aceasta ardere lenta vine cu un impact emotional de success. Pana in 2018 la sfarsit, exista 9 carti scrise de ea, pe care le puteti citi in oricare oridine, desi veti afla ca sunt personaje inrudite in multe dintre ele, insa nu afecteaza lectura..

Sa revenim la aceasta minunanata carte despre iubire neindeplinita, suflete triste, singure si ploturi neprevazute (de mine, cel putin) care te ancoreaza in viata cotidiana. Din pacate cred ca multi oameni traiesc asta de zi cu zi, ceea ce ma face si mai melancolica.

Lucy si Graham sunt doua personaje puternice in mediul lor, dar diferite in totalitate. Unul este un suflet gol, singuratic, iar celalalt este un suflet liber, plin de iubire si daruire. Povestea lor incepe ciudat, la inmormantarea tatalui lui Graham, insa vor fi legati de atragere puternica pe parcursul caruia ei se vor indragosti, urmand a isi infrana iubirea temandu-se de prejudecatile societatii. Nu este o carte care sprijina inselarea, avand in vedere ca el este deja casatorit; cititi cartea sa aflati de ce.

Povestea lor ne arata cum dragostea schimba totul, cum te tine la suprafata si in momentele cele mai intunecate. V-o recomand cu caldura.

Cartea face pare din seria “Elements” insa nu trebuie citite in ordine, povestile avand diferiti protagonist.

Let’s start by saying that I bought this book after reading many many reviews about this wonderful book. Even though there is a series, most people suggested I start with “The Gravity of us”, which I did last night, and let me tell you how that went… absolutely fantastical read!!!

It left me so full inside that I am now leaving everything behind and start with the 1st book of the series.

I got my love for slow burns from Mariana Zapata’s books. If you love them, or what to know what the heck I m talking about, just read them. Start with whichever you want, but read them. Of far until the end of 2018 there are 9 of them.. too little for my wishes!

So let’s get back to this wonderful book full with heartbroken love, twists that I did not see coming and so much truth and anchoring in the real world. It got me thinking that many people do live that way. Hope that got you curious! If not, continue reading.

Lucy and Graham are the main characters in this story, one broken soul and one free spirit, who seem so opposite but are drown in this world of loneliness and uncertainty that makes one wonder if you ever loved so powerful in your life. Let me tell this story without spoilers… they meet under strange circumstances, bond under obvious circumstances, and fall in love in the meantime, but they acknowledge that this love will be judged by society considering he is married. (nope, there aren’t any cheating, if that is what you are wondering about; you’ll understand that soon enough).

The book shows us how love can change even the darkest monster, how it can keep you afloat under the worst things that one faces in life. Give it a go, and you’ll not be disappointed.

The books is part of a series, but can be read in any order since the characters don t come to interact.

Cartile nu au fost traduse in totalitate in romana, momentan doar primul volum „Aerul Pasiunii” („The air between us”) pe care le gasesti aici sau aici sau aici


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